Brendan Manion fulfilled his dream of working for the Bam family in 2010. Brendan is a barber who is precise and meticulous, making it easy for clients to trust that without a doubt, he has created perfection.

He specializes in everything from classic barber fades to modern urban styles. High top fade? He’s got it. South of France? He kills it. Classic Pompadour? No problem. Brendan is very laid back but the haircut is the most important part of the experience. He will go to great lengths to understand exactly what you want and what will work best with your hair.

Brendan also specializes in designs. His artistic vision consistently leaves a clean, polished look; often with his own signature twist. On the other hand, if you can find a picture, he can create it. With consistent results, Brendan tackles any type of hair or beard you throw at him. You’ll go from scruffy to clean, and nappy to happy.